Still in front of my pc after 4 hours of sleep, I still type some ideas and listen to bittersweet maladies that could drown my emotions and never let it in again. internet probably was one of the most influential medium that can suffice my nostalgicanology and problemanology. The short-term effect of it can probably affect the whole process of my conscriptic mind. And as I wept for a day without the catch-cold situation, I struggle.

I call my two treacherous cousins to watch my pc and play some hentai game. In fact that it WAS hentai, we enjoy the puzzles to be solved rather than the indecency sketched there (because i never had the chance to get hooked to hentai picturesque and so I am having a déjà vu events of that day, soo stop pornography). I then rushed to the room of comforts after I taught them the basics of moving hentai blocks. Wee~ my vanity time. proceeded by the walk to r3 with the element of the scorching sun to put up a slide show. Again, flyff and all was the soup of the day. And that is one of all the mediums to made me realize that I am still living, living as an iconoclast.

But there’s a background story to this everything, a more complicated one.

Before I call my cousins to guard thy best buddy, I dug again to internet junkies and web crappies. I opened my ym account and talk to this person that made my life a little less liliputian freakazoid anime. The talk deals with emotional distress and disorder…to me. at that moment, I never trust Nathan for his plan of action neither angel guardians because it was WELL over for it. and then I remember my past quotes dedicated to… blah.

I thought we could live in wonderland, but no. you still chose peter pan over mine, even though he has tinkerbell.

In the vast sea of stars I saw you. but you’re not a star, you’re just a nebula.

Not in exact words (because I’m forgetful, you know!) but still has the same emotions to express on. For what’s worth right now, I chose to try to live somehow. If there’s no point pleasant in the Philippines, at least there’s a home to live my life. and I’m taking some sayings like what jessie kreisst and keplong richmond said, ”ganyan ang buhay, parang life” [dork statement]. but now I am left with OPM lines to ponder and repel on…

I wanted to turn you on, my favorite song. Wanted to be near you but, somebody owns you now.

And it just started with a single virus infecting my nose once again. the result is sinusitis that aggravated my whole day today.


~ by protagonist on December 16, 2006.

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