indecency day

mind you, I thought flow of words could be expressed in tagalog. But nah, masyadong malaswa at maharas sa pag-iisip ng ibang babasa nito. plan failed for us.

——- > prelude

So far, the hunt for the prospects that doomed our lives has been very blurry. The fact that it must be eliminated from our sight, the reverse conclusion has been prominent, starting this day…I picked up.

——- > gym

we, the arbt, were enjoying the outdoors of the gymnasium, as friday again was one of the spare time to look for artywonkies. enjoying the sight in every side possible, we saw some herd of our classmates playing one of our own games – “luksong baka” – or fatally saying, “luksong tanga”. By the looks of it, all our eyes are caught with all gestures and manifestations of the *yuckness. And how possible is it to hold wobbling meatballs while jumping through a fence or a cow, if the game was called by it? and is it enough that just utters to wobble?! Hence, disgusting.

—— > classroom

My dog, gingerman and I were having some conversation between our interests, some circles of life and people behind pink fetish curtains. As the conversation of brainstorming about problems regarding the people around us, we saw one familiar face doing something not worthy for a face like hers. I thought I really knew her for this past four years that we’ve shared together… but no, the genetic structure of hers is becoming unknown to our observant eyes.

for the partial copy of the conversation, click here

——- > before home sweet home

Before stepping down the stairs of second alma mater’s building number two, i was interviewed by the most intrigue person in our society right now. She then asked me if she had a great façade to look at. By the looks of her, she was suffering from stupidityness, unthoughtlessness, misrighteousness and full of crappy artywonkies, so I said no. for what I have experienced with her from the past; i never expected that she would stick again to her own prerogative. Apart from what I said, she hugged me and told some words which can be deceiving to us guys sometimes.

But it’s too late my dear… I’ll never forget you, never… but that’s all.

While waiting for my dog, persons of the same issues have to be accompanied by me. they were going to the sugar house(rich vocabulary states that it must be called the church of morons) and suck sweets there while they can. Of course, I was hysterical to what will happen to place, not to the people that might come there. \ one riot coming up / without anything to say, we then stumbled to a tricycle near us.

——– > outside campus

This is the inhalator that stopped all indecency in this day backward. And I also should stop this post because decency starts here.



~ by protagonist on December 15, 2006.

2 Responses to “indecency day”

  1. grabeeeee tlga un di ko mkakalimutan ung mga nangyari n un!!!
    ngcmula sa r3 tpos cnakop pti ung skkul ntin tsktsktsk!!!
    bsta tol ung cool dudes ha alang iwanan tau nlng ata ang matino sa mundong 2~

  2. Yes, I, again, agree with porky or better known as Richmond. Indecency has been everywhere this days. When will we rest our backs knowing that everyone around us is having a fun time without holding their meatballs??? I guess that time will never come….

    Ces’t La vie

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