deal with it, fix it. kill them, bury them.

Sitting in our classroom at the position that everyone knows I was doing it, I stared at the persons whom I had deep aggravated emotions with. Just their presence could make me frustrated in time to kill and bury. They always insist on dumping the flaws on me and do it perfectly, like i always do. not controlled by the temper I had, I let them conquer the atmosphere for now because arguing with those foolish people won’t do any good to an exceptional person like Dyiele Mi Luana. And better, if this happens again, all of you, will I bury in my avalanche of destructive words. That’s why I hate going to school. I hate the problems involving debts. I hate them, I really do. and saying that everything will be as such, no. a little better if not. and only if problems could occur after the happy ending, things would get better for me.

This proceeding paragraph is the aftermath of the indecency day.

Connecting my best buddy to the world wide web, I started looking for tips and tricks to eliminate baking in baking soda and rearrange scrambled words into a complete erroneous one. Behind the taskbar, I accidentally sent a message to one of my long-distance friends. And by the definition of accidental, he then thought that it wasn’t. unknowingly, he release his problems over mine. Now we were having a tête-à-tête over thousand miles away just for this one factual superstition – love industry. It’s about his ex and the other one and how one would leave him alone. He’s still in the state of [the feeling’ after having a break-up] even though it was one year ago (I do remember that I was there in that part too). Now glazing over the wrong and right side of the situation, I murmur every single opinion I can find in my tweaky-spily-sleepy brain of mine just to help this guy out. I hope some of it helps.

Good luck to love, life and love life Jerico Villappano.

After the migraine-protesting problem, I plunged again on eating nissin wafers and berry knots while watching no-connection-to-problems videos in Youtube.



~ by protagonist on December 15, 2006.

4 Responses to “deal with it, fix it. kill them, bury them.

  1. anong pinagusapan nyo?

  2. haaaaay pki sbi sa fwend mu ganyan tlga ang buhay prang lyf.
    lyf is unfair so get used to it!!! hehehehe
    omment tm n 2!!! comment k nmn sa blog ko! hehehehehe
    stay cool! alang iwanan!

  3. hey thank you for your suggestion on my blog!! stay cool!!

    keep yourself sedated!! peace out!!


  4. i hope u guys didnt fight…

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