part III – blissy batangas

School – the main reason why I am leaving it today and to see one of the most important person in my life. the same reason also why I keep on struggling to weather all grudges and vicissitudes in my daily life. i left all worries to arbt members right now, just to pursue my quest in batangas… and it was all worth it.


(no words can express how bliss touched me.)

home, my dream of thoughts are distracted by the elements of surprise that have had happened to the very spot of grandlola’s whitehouse house. They were talking about the amendments and partial constitution of 2004-2006. both sides argued about facts that why should we end up living rich and on the other hand, they are poor. Since I am allergic to ill literates and non-understanding people in my environment, I sat myself in this same pc chair again, hoping that I can wrote again another 20 posts for this blog. Even formulating different ideas are a wreck for my brain is a necessity these days.

but twenty is many… and i’m tired today.

I lay myself relaxed while enjoying the spare time allotted today. the fact that I am tired because the trip, my hypothalamus still gave me all nostalgic thoughts that occurred outside the metro and antipolo. My body is focusing on sleeping and my mind is on soulmating.

dang. It was over, over. Nxt tym ulets.

Pick up your thoughts. It’s eleven thirty-six pee em.
ahh nevermind. I can hardly think a thing except that part!


* i miss you agad.

~ by protagonist on December 14, 2006.

2 Responses to “part III – blissy batangas”

  1. hmp….

  2. hmp? wadya mean? 😀

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