biasy, heracy, imprudity (all titles that includes yuckness because we’re dealing with it right now.)

Suppose you command yourself with three seconds or maybe ten seconds of silence, would you really think that you would never miss one moment that will pass by? Sounds a little weird but this empirical statement that I concluded after three ***** is obviously no hoax, and for what I’ll broaden up right now.

Two hours of my life are wasted again, just like symonne said. As for mine, I let five hours of knowledge seeking and brain-farting issues regarding something into dullness in online gaming. The classes for tomorrow bugged out the conscience and stopped still the breakthrough of my new prospect, an acrobat. It was past eleven of the near morning of morons. I am walking by myself with five things in mind:

Look behind. There’s someone watching over you.
Second, watch your steps. There are shits on streets
you might end up dead by tomorrow. This is the alley of no return.
No more money for a treat and trick, no more food to suffice me with.
I miss my soul mate…so, too and much.

And it was morning, six and sick was the theme of early bird. I prepare a quick-fast-breakfast by means of draining the cow’s white substance on these fruit-colored mothballs. After engulfing the very everything of it, milligram time is the definition of rushness. I boil myself with 23 degrees celsius of haughty eych-two-ow. The feet that guides me through the fleeting time is getting numb. I drenched my own coordinates with the most agile excuse for the day, but still, the most punctual student for tomorrow’s tomorrow. I sat on the cozy hardened wood of i-don’t know what tree in about half of a butterfly’s lifespan. Moment by moment I glanced at the ticking fingers of our proctors and the clock. 3 hours, two hours, I hour… and it was V minutes, and it was never been better.

Before leaving alma mater number two, I hysterically looked at myself that is stuck with this glitching thing. trying to plagiarize invincible man, i never would imagine an arousal of my testosterones by some shenanigans(135121545, 111791920514, 17895, 11120) would be possible because of their SA. But now, here’s the part where you must really focus. This might, or I mean, contains explicit contents that some might not understand by some not-exceptional readers due to certain lack of presence in our world.

I may not understand the REAL meaning of this industry but I have experience how deep everything will stab on me. I blame myself for nothing and vicissitudes and necessity are the words for thoughtlessness. Now as I have heard the humungous news that was spread by moby dick, (metaphorically speaking to be exact) that ___ had some lip-sucking incident with ___ , I had the change of mind if ____ might be losing ____ pride and sensuality. the fact that my loyal lawolf’s there, ____ didn’t matter because PDA is the best suit of popularity. well if that’s a case to ponder, then leave my beloved pet! even if ____ talked about the will of returning all hatred in one counterattack, you’re still the one who gets caught up in the same bloodshed. And now you’re calling our attention in any way possible just to pretend that never happened, never happened, never happened? You just planned the wrong idea for succeeding the greatest raise in the industry, but you’ll end up dead by tomorrow, I tell you.

take my advice: they say that prevention is better than cure, but for me, cure is better than prevention. (medical areas are not supported by the change of saying)

alas, I arrive home sweet home. Looking for succulent superfluous foods in the refrigerator, I bulged into something not applicable to the human eyes.

…nevermind the picture.

Laying myself on this comfy couch with torn sides in it, my photographic memory suddenly clipped a wide range of whatnots. It was about…


Just a simple tip: you’re going to love my way of writing and how expose I was when you figure this one out.

And now I have this direct flight to r3 where my chauffeurs are my cousins. Sheila and the insects might be the best way to enumerate each one of them in a band name. of course, I wasted again my…I think four or III hours of my precious time in determining whose more stronger, the dumbulls or me?



~ by protagonist on December 11, 2006.

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