not your ordinary fiesta

Fiesta here in the Philippines (I’m in city of antipolo by the way) is glamorous and spectacular. From the fireworks display before the fiesta, which is optional, up to the several variety of variant plated on the tables, which is optional again, of the riches and semi-riches, or even non-riches. As for us, we’re in the semi-riches part which chose the option of flooding our dining tables with Filipino desserts and delicacies. And for what I know, we always do this preparation to our suited visitors and loyal subjects who never miss attending our grand gathering here every year. Of course, they give us the speech of contentment every time they have dived on the self-service foods here. I hate to admit it, but is there a need to prepare a bunch of bandehadong foods for people in the same area? But what can i do, I am not the one who stash penya here. As far as I know, I gave out some smiles to the people who ate my specialty, which was Leche Flan. Lets just say “fiesta is fiesta.”

But the real catch here is why in the world I spent my fiesta in roika. I admit I’m an internet junkie and my IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder) is working its way on me once again. stuck in the same place again,(hence r3) I spent about 6 hours of my day online and kicking kardel sharpeye. My companions there were sunny pig, frankenstein, the engrande mono, chilling spree, and pugo. I love the times when we usually argue on things regarding the battles between us on DoTa. It’s like dominating one another and throwing out words that can be offended sometimes. Good thing the throwing out of words is one of the foundations of ARBT. Too bad we (Carlo plus Aj) won over them (Sy, Rich, Peria). haha. And ow, may I add? No –ar please. bleh.

Added info: divine intervention girl was there too to accompany me until half the hour of my elapsed time. she was having a hard time finding an investigatory project and pressing the right keys to awto jam.

After every one of them left the charming, IAD-filled adik, I go back again to my daily routine…flyff. wishing that I would enjoy the fiesta without the companion of my classmates, one online character made it possible. *toot spare out the time leveling up to talk and talk and duel. Even with the slightest bit of idea, I got up eventually that I am enjoying *toot’s company. And guess what, my growing rate of friends is increasing these days. nevertheless, the growing faces won’t replace the first one who made me realized that flyff is a great game without the tension to beat cranes and fishdas. You know who you are. Many thanks to you. i hope you read this one. ^__^

So can you call this one a fiesta of Antipolo? You decide.



~ by protagonist on December 8, 2006.

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