My thought of having a day without flyff is far from thought. It was the last day of the exam and my infected classmates are planning to go to the sugar house (should i call it that way even though ate jhajha isn’t there? Aw nvm.) to spend the rest of their spare time online gaming and O2 jamming. Of course, the pioneers arrived there first, Joshua and i, to proclaim that sugar house will be invaded by half of our section (this is the observation after “i-will-say event”) and the “i-will-say” event occurred. One by one they enter the cryonic chambers of r3, starting from kathleen to choknat koh to melodina. Every computer is occupied by a four-wisdom student. As for me, I am not playing any games there (except the game of s**** called love). Unfortunately, I was given the best part of the game and I was declared the taya. I wrote this simple text to unfold some things.

For there is no light on you, for there is no hope between two.
Waste my days waste your days. i don’t talk on thee.
if ever I see you again? never… you shit on streets.

the insultance and provocation did not affect me much, but I never want to unravel or dig up the cave of unknowns just to find tombstones and macabre. It’s just that…

stop. It’s bothering me. I neeever want to hear something from it again.



~ by protagonist on December 5, 2006.

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