remembering others, banz, apol, viancz, kim.

Before reading this one, I am proclaiming that not all things posted here involve “flyff” and the components of it. this is my reflection…so please READ! Thank you. =)

So far as I am concern, this one comes from the flyff world.
I caught up with
the entangled part of the lag.
I was getting dead, time after time of every
arrival in the place where I must confide myself with.
Frustrated by online reality,
i travel along the ragged railways there and found a friend of mine there.
suddenly she was talking to me in some manner about the game.
Of course
i can relate to what she was saying because we picked the same job.
We talked
and talked there while leveling our skills up.
Upon looking at the clock hung
at r3, i realize that I had spent 2 hours talking to this complete stranger, except
her IGN.
Then I asked her if she had some info regarding her true identity (baka
chicksilog kxe teehee.)
she gave her friendster account and found out that she was definitely a she.
She was like me…an otaku and an addicted online game player,
based on the pictures there.
While looking at her picture, I nostalgically saw the faces of banz, apple, ate viancs.
The trios were some of my closest ragnabuddies.
Upon reaching the peak of nostalgence, i then said to myself,”this is what i’m looking for in online games…company.”
Good thing I found one here because I miss the old times when morroc was the best place to kill time with the Oracles.

thanks Yumzy.


~ by protagonist on December 4, 2006.

2 Responses to “remembering others, banz, apol, viancz, kim.”

  1. Sweet post. I don’t suppose you’d be against it if I was to add your blog to my linkexchange directory?

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