days minus the classmates

I am typing backwards right now, same to my mind who’s taking a backward movement to all things that’s happening in our days, or wasted days. I guess the days without classes give me a reason to miss all of these things that I will enumerate right now.

The still jokes of gelline and her pinching plus punches
The life-sized siopao
The watery eyes of melodina
The unoccupied seat of czar
A princess beside me
My loyal dog in front
a whore who distracts me during math
disturbing ways of timothy
being loudmouth of Jamie
m&m aj
our O2 jam addicted mayor
divine intervention girl
engrande mono
aira’s weird ways
giovanni is a wonderland
house of the dead girl
dane’s emo hair
peria’s unwanted presence… haha
the ugly
choknat koh w/ can be considered as paris Hilton
gingerbread man and his misadventures
My boyish former bestfriend
Hollow girl
kristine’s hair similar to abby
pussykath having an i2i on me for almost a minute
the mouth of patricia saying “paul, paul, paul”
the fat guy manufactured from the garden of eden
secluded famela
one of my little sisters similar to joshua’s flyff character
And I miss myself… for being sooo charming. wenks.
Oh did I miss someone?

and my hilarious mentors and some southridgian students…

of course, obcors
the repeating wisdom words of t.yuan
the enlightened one
mam delos reyes
“go back to your room” line of mrs. Alarcon
Sir cool dude…
mr nillasca’s punch lines
every five minutes sex talk of *** *******
the face of vulpix that you can almost look in a whole day and her newly rebounded hair
ms. SwEhNoYrEeJ
the first year student who always look at my face for nearly ten minutes
the missing ear of Edward… cute!
Sarah Geronimo
And many to mention and I forgot the others.

Well this is all I can say for today. Good thing tomorrow is Monday and I can see these things once again. haay… so much for the days without classes due to reming. I miss you guys.


p.s. let’s not forget to pray and help the victims of reming, especially the people of legaspi, albay. This is not my “plastic” side or whatsoever. This is one way of achieving world peace… and WP is one of my dreams to be.


~ by protagonist on December 1, 2006.

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