This is the second part of SwEhNoYrEeJ that comes different in prospect but still contains the same will: conquer the world of ours. I can frankly say that this one attempts deadly and poisonous acts. it tears your crowning glory in bits to suffice the need for attention. It demoralizes the greater authority including the fourth level of mathematics, of course. Some of us have already experienced the wrath of this medusa and I, as the only one who experienced the best of it, have the only courage to oppose its flirtatious charms and emollient hands. Even though enlightened one bestows the title ungentle on me, my superior gentleness cannot be claimed by such creatures formed similar from the illustration in Go Hell.

The fleur de list… I mean, fraudelism are endless. One time I saw its soul from under the table where it changes its hide to masquerade its damned reflection. Believing that it was just an informal sight to look at and I was not being there to see it, one of my colleagues saw it too. My overlook over the two mountains are not informal but infernal. This is the time where we decide to expose the real façade of this nightmarish creature that haunts both light and evil. I indirectly stated here some things about the creature haunting me and others out there. It acts as the puppeteer to control everything before taking all life off. If you think that YOU can help prevent this situation, come and join us in expelling the majority of this problem…once and for all.

For more information regarding this matter, try visiting one of my colleagues who had the same quest for exterminating the flesh-eating dooms of netherworld.


~ by protagonist on November 30, 2006.

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