the bugs has taken ove our world.

Noted: Netgames Philippines –
Flyff Philippines –

– The Penya Trade Bug and The Blade Bug (Case numbers 467 & 492)

This was confirmed when I started earning millions per item and two billion for two rare items. The sum of my riches came to a whooping six billion with just half of an hour. Of course, I expect I could buy everything with this large quantity of money, but the “expected” came to an unexpected aspect. All the people living within my world are bathing in money that even they cannot spend where. Even the vagrants I usually see vagabonding in the flaris area are way tooo rich than me, if my past counts. The majority of the population has the same money that I have, or even richer.

The occurring events seemed to be more complicated than what I have inferred. I dreamt of buying a pet of my own and some accessories for my semi-girl faced character. When I decided to shop till I drop at the central place of industry, I saw rooms and vending shops with notes saying:

(B>blah blah….) (B>blah…blah…) (T>giggle… gaggle…) (T>geez… wenks…)

All with the one priority: to buy something. some still prefer barter because money is not the best way to put up a price to their belongings, and because of buyers and non-rare holders. And due to the certain “bug”, my will of having items for my future use has been flooded by this huge and large and gargantuan and massive and tremendous amount of money everywhere.

In the second case, I am not directly affected with the blade bug but I cannot help but argue with them. They level up more than ten times than mine. It’s because of the fact that they deal twenty-thousand to forty-thousand a hit in a level ninety monster. Superficial isn’t it? I think this is soo unfair to everyone leveling themselves up in the same way but different in massive dealt of whatnots. The only solution here is CS.

I hope this has been clear to everyone. Beware of forfeit billions and Blade damagers… they will only make you kiss the duel arena grounds or exchange unnecessary money for your priced treasures.


~ by protagonist on November 30, 2006.

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