tomorrow’s the day…

He started on a journey in this vast world of unknown. Starting as a vagrant, he dreams of soaring’ the sky in the fastest way possible. He endures every glitch of deterioration of interest and discrimination of his kinds. But on the other hand, a big anxiety flows through his veins… wanting him to stop life. So therefore, he stops.

But his story doesn’t end there.

After 375 days, 23 hours, 50 minutes and 60 seconds of leaving his own progresses, he then returned with a last resort to focus. He practiced wielding the sense of humanism and masochist’s beliefs for the sake of a good relation with the many. And for what he has done, many had plan against his fruitful governance. But some people would not understand him, so the past wanted to bring pandemonium on him, and therefore lost to a battle worth winning off. He was dumped in the dead gas of an unsovereign island of the forsakens. But with what he has faced in all those fights, he somehow manages to use again the skill to retrieve what was loss, and to escape the life of a criminal.

Beyond his escape, fortune still abounds by in his name. There were some times he got all the necessary materiales and currency dropping prices of it. he manages every situations in a meeting of the propaganda movement. He gave out ideas for the people having unequipped minds for this struggle. He was the best consul and judge for every part of the session room filled with faceless voids and wards. And for what people sees in him, he manage to be a founder of an organization and became the mastermind there.

Experience gained is precious with this little one. He was treated as a mercenary, even though he’s not. He was paid with money to suffice the need of life and thirst. he traveled the wide plains and skies with his industrial board. Killing time, stashing money and slaying begotten creatures are his hobbies every 2 hours or a complete 6 hours maybe. There is sometimes that he wish that time could be in his hands… and let him decide what will happen to the world he’s livin’. Nevertheless, he spent time applying the values of patience than daydreaming or something. his efforts are starting to bloom because it was getting nearer and nearer to his dreamt transcending.

He works his way to the place of heroes and find his own destiny there.

To be continued >>>

~ by protagonist on November 27, 2006.

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