expulsive move

Today is November 26, 2006. I am seated on my computer chair, still awake and building up a post here. Certainly, I had recovered my conscripted mind from the mist of the night. Regardless of the time I am formulating this post (its four o’clock in the morning), I blend my drowsiness, tiredness and sleepiness with a brewed coffee. In fact, there’s an ill-temperate humidity in this area under the stairs. Nevertheless, no one can stop me from jutting down some relevant ideas from yesterday’s happening… but my mind is filled with dreams and caricatures. I mean, it was NOT yesterday but earlier than this time. oh and by the way, I was still fortunate that am in front of this pc, typing this post…coz my GM locked the front and back door for me. anyway, here are the things that happen earlier than this time.

I had the week full of nonsense including this Saturday morning. Without the guts to have an absent once again because of the money that I will receive, I perceive that I must go to sphs no matter what. Packing up the things, putting gel on the lousy hair and rushing again in order to avoid the face of the enlightened one due to unpunctuality were definite. The breeze coming from the tricycle suppresses my appetite and perseverance – I want to sleep. [Oh never say the word!] but because I am here at the gates-of-no-return, I entered. Then there are my classes for nosebleeds and questionable questionnaires. To give to the public the contents of my struggles on the place-of-no-return is illegal. I will not be the reason of a leakage. But I’ll promise, I’ll never attend sat. classes again!

Oh look at the time! it’s two hours before the sun rises. Continuing the story that happened earlier than this time, it’s about the r3 events (do I need to mention the place where we go after class? Wenks*) joshua and I were accompanied with the least person you would think of going with things with us… zarah, our top 1. she was certainly enjoying the morbid and bruuutal flash games at http://www.newgrounds.com/ which is the site that I suggests to her last time. while zarah had her own delectation time, we have a 2-2 DoTa match. It’s between two teams which consist of Dyiele Mi Luana with Monkey King as the first and Siopao with Gingerbread Man as the second. At first we were TRULY struggling to cope up with them…or with symonne only. But because of the unrivaled ways of your abang lingkod, we won. Definitely I am not just for flyff…ATE CHING AT ATE JAJA!!

After the dota class, I worked 4 hours alone leveling up my character in flyff (except the party members adjoined online) with all the sudden rush of emotions and leadership training, I brought my experience to 70.67 percent. I direly need one more level and 29.33 percent to reach in order to attain the psychiper road. Bet it on a 12-hour dry run. So after the exuberating time allotted for the cranes to level myself up, I went home, starving, and ate. After eating, direct flight to the parlor façade to have our jamming session. so, so and so on. The jamming is the appetizer and chix sightseeing was the main course. Then came the point where my eyelids drop down. I called out idol number two and rushed home. Although I came again late, I mean too late, GM still opened the door for me. Filipino huh, hospitable! And I timpla (forgot the term) a brewed coffee and face my pc to create a post here.

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~ by protagonist on November 26, 2006.

2 Responses to “expulsive move”

  1. …about the dota thing (hahahahahahaha) are you trying to convince us n hindi k lang pang flyff… well cge payag n nga kami, close k naman namin eh. Pero mas maganda mgpractice kp (hahahahahhahahahahaha) practice makes perfect… kc kung hindi PANG FLYFF KA NA LANG TALAGA….

  2. Oh my good Lord!!! Is that the legendary Ateh JhaJha!!??? Whoaw!!!!!!!!! Well said ate, well said…..

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