impulsive move

After finishing insomniac sleep due to morning schedules, my head aches once again and hallucinations are starting to act again, too. My untimely sleep gave me about an insufficient time to pick myself up. My actions taken are accompanied by nose drop incidents. Ouch, and ouch, and ouch, and oops. My eyes were stigmatized in the preloquent series of succulous events.

Bringing dizziness to the school was a disaster. I feel sick, irritated and uncomfortable. The sun’s nourishing light gave me the intense feeling of sarcasms. every four-wisdom students speaking are like ventriloquist. The focus of my eyesight was the ceiling… the white-tainted, gray-scaled ceiling. I saw different faces including Osama Bin Laden and Gloria Arroyo. Suddenly an alarming call disturbed my quest for the stars.

“hui! Angas moh ah! Sapakan na lang noh?!”

Tim. This guy again. the one who acts a little weird but with a sense of struggleship expressing himself. He opened my eyes to the unstagnant time and the lickety-split world I must face. He gave me the signal to revert my inchoate skills into a perfect call. Therefore, I rushed to ARBT members and continue the quest of reaching the stars.

Due dismissal, we take our daily intake of r3. after entering that so-called sugar house, Dog and I started to make ourselves at home. Seconds moving there are contained with argues about the difference between two online games and how superior the other to the other was a burst of delectation for everyone involved. Ate jaja and ate ching (my apologies for putting some “name” for ate ching on previous posts) accompanied us with taglines that spice up the ambiance and gives off delightment to the seconds tiking there. But how unfortunate for Jeffrey and Monay that they didn’t experienced those “quality time” because of their DoTa session… and I should check everyone around me for this matter. Duh-huh! (sumulong gals… the flesh-hungry ones…muhaha)



~ by protagonist on November 23, 2006.

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