nightmare on dimanlig st.

Suppose you had your house in a subdivision. A place where palaces stand and ministers rule over a piece of land. And my empirical, is that why everyone I know seemed to be bored with the life they had there. I guess you might love action huh? Let me give you one.

At this day, I was a living vampire in r3’s arms together with michael (ate jaja’s bf), ate jaja, ate shane, and other personates using the comps. Even my eyes sored in the LCD monitor for 5 hours, I still pursue to level up this mukang bading na character, RATCLIFF. After which, I went home…singing.

Kauuwi koh lang, pagkadilim-dilim ng mga tanawin sa aking paningin.
Kauuwi koh lang, pagkainit-init dahil sa pagtigil ng natatangap na hangin

Geez… there you go. The television was again my inquietude provider. Not knowingly, a sudden gun shot and a scream coming from six feet under was the whine of one of my apprentice. I ran outside and sprint on our street to see the commotion. Oh before I reveal this one, I would like to tell YOU that we have a funeral service in our street.

Hei jayvee! Meh nabaril dun sa meh terembe!
Sa puso pa ata tinira. Wag kang pupunta dun ha!

As aileen spit out those words, I had one thing in mind: sus. Normal na yan dito, dba?
The people were stacking themselves in our street to see the play: “taking of a life.” The antagonist escaped while the protagonist lied on same ground, dead. unfortunately, the authorities came…late…just like the movies who convey the same attitude. I guess this one will add up another funeral service to our street huh? Oh and here is the sketch of what has happened, based on the witnesses’ statements. They said that it was a great fie that started the fire… which leads to a bullet in someone’s heart.

color may vary depending on the model inside.

And this is one of the things that keep us questioning ourselves with:

“why do we still love living life out here?”

~ by protagonist on November 19, 2006.

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