the el fili scandal

We were caught again in another scam of our alma mater. In my opinion, it’s a dejure if we are not treated properly or equally. The law given was kind of republic act number 0902… well never mind the law. It’s just that why do we have to pay two hundred pesos for such good presentation, unairconditioned (why in the world is “unairconditioned” an improper word?) buses, and untimely lunch. Is that what you call a 280 pesos treatment? Oww… whataa rip-off!

mind you… just watch this one (even it’s a crap) rather than paying two hundred and eighty.
but if your still interested with the afp thing, the celebrities and their wide range of props than the inchoate ones here, then i suggest you commute.



~ by protagonist on November 18, 2006.

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