If you’re finding the greatest reflection ever, do not read this one.

All attendants agreed except to one.

“bakit poh negative 3 to the third power e negative pa rin? “

“kasi (-3) (-3) (-3) “

Speaking softly… “shet”

The thought of having an appreciation was quite a long way to be. I’m struggling to be recognized by the presence of mr. obcors but obviously failed. Braggadocio is the result of having the courage of fighting for the wrong rights. This is one of our weaknesses Filipinos. We are in paranoia of having good governance but we all tend to govern ourselves in a train track of vicissitudes. Like me, our comestible minds are fossilized by the superfluous nutrition in our daily rice. But I must not blame all for what I am having or facing today. Though I respect my own unrivaled ways or thought of minds, I still need to recover my head from the grounds of ill literates.

My insufficient mind filled with penya and refreshers left my greater parts of the brain malfunctioning. Glaucoma and hypothalamus’ urge was backing me up. I suffered, spent much more than what I learned and saved. I care less to what I must believe in. absence of ideas has been my motto since then. The older post of thinking that Mi Luana would change was only a forlorn dream. My vicarious state faced the crowd with ignorance acting as its facade and wisdom was its masquerade. Hermetic ideas are similar to the scribbled maze in the back part of a kellogg’s box. Grammatically used paragraphs are not coherent but apply a single structure – nonsense.

Enviousness was still part of me. for all we know, it’ll never leave us. Some might get it the way I am having now. But for what I take, this is gargantuan than everyone. This feeling might be the reason why I suffer from love, lost, and love lost. It always depicts on me to the time that I see such necessity and tell the four unreasonable words, “I must have it”. it always afloat in my wishes and dreams and futures. I even use my skill in [kleptomanianism] to suffice my dependency loss. Envy on how soon is now might be a closer ruins than saying it.

With all the MMORPGs and gewgaw things mushrooming in my farm of wisdom, I get used to pick one of them and eat (since I do love mushrooms in the first place). But what’s important is ignored, which is the plants I must harvest. Granted with the sickle to reap what I sow, my mind’s always alarmed on the time of late thinking and cramming. The bridges are frozen between me and the ideas that I need to give up and give importance with. But as winter approaches and as spring blooms, I hope harvest time wouldn’t sweep my gains once again. I do also hope that I see through the difference between computer knowledge and computer information.

Same ground is my day today. A cursed gesundheit was my only charm and I’m demobilized by what I must accomplish first:
Being a dominant and super-rich online game player or having a fully-equipped mind enough to have another post here?

If only I had a panacea to cure me.


~ by protagonist on November 16, 2006.

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