acalitmus – [a]ct appalled [c]ircumstances on [a]nxiety and [l]iberty [i]n [t]he [m]oment of [u]nexpected [s]ituations

And there were many things to write about here that just happened today. And there were also some things that shouldn’t be posted here coz’ it requires parental discretion. And there were one thing I wanted to post here, and that is the enjoyment of seeing a person doing the “instant celebrity” thing.

For what I’m seeing this year, ACALITMUS was a den of lames even it has all the personalities who had the minds greater than mine. To tell the truth, I’m in the state again of extreme laziness for the couple of days. And the conflict of conscience and self-poke made me unqualified for the subjects I joined last year (that was Science, General Info, and Spelling Contest). Well anyway, past is past… and my mind slips again for such competitions. Maybe next time will do… if there’s any.

For the contents of the LAME event, it started with the literary part. well… uhm… wait… ah… geez… I wasn’t paying attention to that section. We even talked about the fallacies, mysteries, and undies of some superheroes. I’m giving you some questions and statements to answer… or maybe decide for yourself.

  1. where do superman got his INVINSIBLE suit if planet krypton doesn’t have any materials used to make clothes? (that’s why every time Clark landed on Earth, he’s always naked)
  2. so superman can control his own steel body? (because how can he mate with Ms. Lane?) if so, when shot unnoticed, with his non-steel body, then dead meat?
  3. Dr. Octopus mustn’t be called that way because he his tentacles can’t swim.
  4. why on earth did wonderwoman had a star on her forehead?
  5. did marvel really put up their superheroes a decent costume to hide their identities?
  6. And much, much more…

While the conversation about superfakes fades, so approaches the musical portion and dancing sessions. I very much appreciate their songs but not their voices (except melodina). But the best part of the event was the dance of EJ? And Stephie. I was impressed and leave an inspirational smile on me. never mind the details… so sit, read, suffer and be envious!

let me add up, melodina rockz!



~ by protagonist on November 16, 2006.

3 Responses to “acalitmus – [a]ct appalled [c]ircumstances on [a]nxiety and [l]iberty [i]n [t]he [m]oment of [u]nexpected [s]ituations”

  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you.

  2. agree where? in the program? as if you saw the whole thing. lol.

    or the superhero thingy? then go figure out yourself. 🙂

  3. waw. spam. ^^

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