when time meets time.

It would still need a thousand reasons to break up with someone that doesn’t have any reason to break up with in the first place… right? But why after all the time and seductive pleasures that they shared with, one would still end up dead? Isn’t it right to say “I don’t love you anymore… that i wanted to end this love, and your stupidity.” by the point were everything was doing well, very well? These three antagonomical questions bother me when monkey’s reign over his former, so-called “whore?” is over.

By calculations, the answer may seem equivalent to symonnay’s and dyiele mi luana’s formula. The malicious addends, numb subtrahends and unfaithful dividends that mustn’t belong to a similar polynomial function is not divisible to any other given multiples, can equal to indivisibility, which also can be achieved when simply giving your 100% love to the whole function. Too bad monkey did use the same multiples like us. But on the other hand, we shouldn’t be the one to blame! Giving 100% love to the formula would equate a prolific divisibility… in our perspective. But the only problem is that we are entangled in the world of geometry, not in algebra.

On realism, we manage to settle everything for him by just sharing happiness and craziness to minimize the pain he had rooted inside. Songs for the broken and voices coming from the elites adjust the intemperate mood of donkey Kong. Even though everything might look silly on his side, we still put up a show, which acts as a pain reliever. In our own simple way, we had helped YOU… and that’s what cool dudes are for.

Just remember, single ako carlo. haha.


~ by protagonist on November 15, 2006.

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