cute without the dog.

The project that I must present this day was English. I’m hoping the subtle couple of events won’t bridge it out. But you know what? It didn’t.
Ruined by two career guidance, all our major classes were postponed wholly and delayed subjec…

Stop! Before I made this another post of a century, I’ll make this long story, short….



I was expecting the promise of my “dog” would come true, which states first that:

I’ll accompany you to the hub of ate jaja, and play flyff… up to what time it might cover.

but for all we know and for what I experienced, promises are made to be broken. So there you have it… promise broken once again. google gracious that dog’s mom wouldn’t be home every time our dismissal approaches. Well nyways, my mind is already set on fulfilling the flyff goal. Equipped with the charm bracelet of Kristen, memoirs talisman of melody and 50 pesos, I trekked the slope going to sumulong proper then straight to R3.
Upon entering the door of the sugar house, I overheard the conversation between ate shane and ate jaja. They were blabbering about the person named “Jb”. Their voices are like geostigmas on my left arm, whispering cell survival. That is when I decided to enter the cryonic door (somehow) and words came plunging from my face.

Dyiele Mi Luana: Hi Ate’s….

Ate Shane: Oops…

Ate Jaja: Speaking of Jb…

Dyiele Mi Luana: (speaking distantly) whatever.

After the intrusion goes my same circle of life. I can assume one thing that behind everything I still miss one thing and I, should never leave alone with:

…my dog. T_T


~ by protagonist on November 15, 2006.

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