groovy wacky movie madness.

The plan was perfect.
The player was set. The cds were stacked up.
It’s time for our mini theater marathon.

the show was eurotrip, with the accordance of 99 red balloons. As we focus up on the sky, it all opens up our eager eyes. The president is on the line, so it’s one of the 99 red balloons that go by. Then came wolverine slashing plus the special appearance of van hellsing who burns mutant blood. Count vladislaw Dracula was rivaled by the man of steel in a charm smile contest. The turned of events came between Kane and Nemesis who were both struggling for the appearance in the contest. fortunately, jill valentine and the elite members of the umbrella corp. stopped them.

They all thought that the doom is over – all that ended when some student survivors from flight 180 are starting to die. They die in the same order that they would have to. Weird isn’t it? Year after the 180 flight crash, an accident occurred at route 180 and the same aftermath came after then. The aftermath had another link in six years of escape to death… a Circus rollercoaster – breath-taking ride and a life-taker too was the reason of their final destination. The scary movie cast just takes the ominous omnibus as the scary movie 1, 2, and 3 sequels.

Now as I use this universal remote control, my eyes turned to this game called Wimbledon. I suddenly recognized the girl. it was mary jane of my friendly neighborhood spiderman. The game was fascinating enough that it made me shout like I was watching a show of a native aswang… which is a rip-off. though the game ended with a big win to this retiring player, he still won himself a bride and a spank to the head. No more than enough, the next presentation will be met by the brother’s grimm.

I used my universal remote control and clicked…



~ by protagonist on November 13, 2006.

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