getting a grip.


Usage of gel will make you somehow opaque and “glitters” to the eyes of the teasers.


I was looking at the anime haircuts that they had and noticed that almost all of them are not moving, not even one strand or flicks. Yeah, I do know that artist are somehow lazy when it comes to moving and sketching (based on my own experience) and they tend to simply gave their art a copy-paste section or photographical sketch. Looking one after another, I found this character who was wearing a single glass on a left eye and a bit messy haircut on the right. The artist who flaunts this one must be crazy. He puts every shades and details in the pioneer episode of the anime. This is where my interest came in…

Two episodes past and the sub-character #2’s hairstyle just went brushed by the wind. He was having his haircut every time a wind blew by. Astonished by the event, I decided to depict the idea of the artist and started to cut my hair, one day after another. Of course, the result varies in every way possible and causes a disastrous look at it. The past unkempt hair became worst than it looks. Some IMPISH personalities did even notice the brackish façade of it. One of them was the gargoyle guardian of the guidance office. She was…. I’ll discuss it on the next post.

Back to my fiasco work of art, I received a red card coming from cabalda which gave me an idea on how to close this deal. I substantially accept her offer and confide myself, este, my ron weasley hair to the hub of charm kleptomaniacs. She… ehem… he… she… do twist and turns on the promising hair of the year. Few turns came and it was taking shape… shape of an anchor winding left to right – the enchanted one. The last process was the intersection pulling through with a sprinkling of the pixie dust. I am wearing a cloak of accord by then.

The last two things I knew after it was the 10,000 addition to my 1,000,000,000 subscribers and the words “hi Crushy… hi Crushy… hi Crushy”.

It came about great.

~ by protagonist on November 12, 2006.

One Response to “getting a grip.”

  1. hey im just wondrin,,, what do you mean by or who i gues, by “ireceived a red card coming from cabalda”??
    thanks! 🙂

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