before the transcention.

cars were bumping into one another at quezon avenue at past midnight of november 9, 2006. reports say that there were 9 people rescued but none of them were breathing. it was obviously one of death’s plan for them. roads are sticking and slippery, rain made fogs even worst than blind.

i thought about the accident (stated above) that i watched that late night while i was formulating ideas on this tower-like analysis of the essay that was given by our dear principal. i was working alone for the reason of not disturbing my own conscience. that plan didn’t work out well when i realized that dane was with me back then. another disturbance was the arrival of her cuz verni. ohh another start of simplicity crap.

while i was working on the subject skeptically, i heard the conversation they were having together with the shifting of ideas between them. the topic is about the “SF’s” and the “TF’s”. the girl beside me had a quueed ideas on how they/herself must gave up or whether eveything will be ok after it. meanwhile, the other girl furiously expressed her ideas in manner of “i hear them even in a cochroach voice”. she definitely want to end everything for one of “them” but only ONE of them. ahh.. so much for it!

well anyway, i heard enough of their quarrels and secretive plans. i must deal rather explicitly on mine than them. so much for now… you already had enough of grammatically wrong grammars here.



~ by protagonist on November 11, 2006.

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