what’s keepin’ me busy?

Flyff. yeah, it’s the flying thing.

for the past couple of weeks i have been literally stop posting here, i was busy trying to level up some sort of character again on another online game that i had been hooked on since last year but then stopped. i definitely like this game, or i mean LIKED, because of the fact that it was a ragna type and due to the wipe out of VANro. feelin’ sick of it, there was flyff who backed up the whole process. and with the comeback, i definitely got CRAZY on this one and made about 20 levels in just a week with .0005 percent chance of leveling up.

the dawn of spending enough… or i mean stashing money is now reigning suppreme. the last time i calculated bucks in my vault was 800 php of it. bringing it down to a whooping 0 balance. the fact that i was gaining enough money to sufiice my daily needs and simple fallacies, it definitely goes down with one of the least expensive MMORPG in the Philippines. and with the upcoming of this event, i’m in dire need to provoke such ways to make money double in a row of two or more.

maybe i’ll end this one for now ‘coz leveling up means much more time to spend and much more penya to cost.



~ by protagonist on October 30, 2006.

2 Responses to “what’s keepin’ me busy?”

  1. Flyff huh? ;p

  2. btw…. who’s Mi Luana ?

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