it’s all about the points.

the passing days seemed to conclude such things that has to be given no attention rather than everything. we manage to have classes with some VERY good and VERY irritable kinds. of course, i expect the best from me due to lack of brainfull students. i was given enough points to consider myself top in the class, batch Oct 15-20 2006. i was having fun when simple complicated irrelevant relevent whatnots coming from our maestra perpectua physics magna suddenly pooped from my face. the expectation i am having that moment seemed to collide. fortunately, i did collide.

on other files, we do time killing on chess games. i was bothered when everyone i compete with makes their lives complicated on one simple shots. the best known player i have never seen that strategy was… ALLAINE! simple pawn moves, L-shortening knights, and side-skipping bishops. the result? draw. what i was thinking is why am i entitled to be one of the best? ohh… how will you suggest that if i don’t know how to castling? poofiee..

i you might get me right, all i’ve written in this post are dumbfounding. i can’t explain how much hours i suffer with physics equilibriums and forces. for now i bid…



~ by protagonist on October 20, 2006.

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