feet’s drowning

yestevening, the rain that submerged our neighbors downhill brought upon purification of minds. the people we passed are as ghastly as a macambre stone would look like. their houses were filled with leptospirosis-filled water. stones, leaves, and stinky trash were dumped into the streets of the kuya tony-el baso intersection. the people were looking for tricycles to hop on. unfortunately, vehicles are stranded too. i was looking at the brownwash water of the flood and got a glimps of 7 or 8 rats floating. phooey to walk on such river of *toot*.

you got the picture?

craving for classes, i was in a hurry to go to school this morning. i don’t know what i’m thinking, of why i am rushing pathetically. i sure miss my classmates…? or i miss studies with hilarious plus enjoyable mentors? whatever it is, i’m sure it’s a better one. back to the topic, a passing driver told me that there were no classes. i didn’t believe him and still decided to head towards the mouthwatering school. the driver drove, obviously, to my beloved school i was craving for this morning. i used my binocularic eyes and saw sir siops with yan2 on his side. they told me bowt the “no classes today” implementation. the fact that i crave for Vanro more than this, i decided to take the remaining test on a semi-scheduled manner. the filipino was easy to look but hard to take. the science part naman is dumbfounding. nevermind the details. eyes shut, mouths closed.

((MYA MYA!!))


~ by protagonist on October 3, 2006.

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