ragna once more.

i miss the days i spent with Banz, Apple, Millenia, Lauren, Tarub, Dark, Kit?, Queena, Pauleen, ETc! i miss the ragna guys i used to play and chat along with. that is when i decided to go back to ragnafactory and ascend thy industry.

the voice of jill is the starter of my morning right. morning glory has been blocking my eyes. i started to wash it down the drainage with a semi-cool water from the leaky faucet. the breakfast is ready, the lunch is served. i missed again another meal to -suste- me. they all gather in the round da haws table without jill, tita, and i. we end up cleaning the mess after the meal of an x-rated fish. jill and i decided to go out with my cuzins to buy some time in the internet cafe. the fact that i already had internet at home, she still insisted… ambagal daw kc. we spent for about 2 hours and a half of VanRO and YM chat with one another(haha) when the eyes started to cramp due to the unscreened monitors of DSL, we decided to go way back home and refresh there before cultivation again aroses.

darkness came to abound. we ate our dilated chicken to fill up the small and big intestines we got here. jill and i, again, decided to go, again, to DSL for an internet spree. accompanied by my apprentices and cuzins, we left house for a trip to town proper across atlantic merriam webster street. it was raining hard that we must use 2 umbrellas to accommodate me, jill, mac, chips, benok, and mec. the apprentices were used to such downpour… so roofs are a no no. there we are again, buying the time and joy we can get there. i was busy leveling up my Creator, High Wizard, and High Priest, Hunting MVPs and Prontera gazing when they all decided to go home. i didn’t noticed that the time would be that late: 11:45pm. were doomed… so doomed. we grab our umbrellas and head for the track we usually took granted for. there were street guys who were GAZING, and DOZZING, and FEASTING their eyes on this gal who had her long thin arms embraced around me. shooks… we’re in trouble if we don’t hurry. i decided to call the attention of everyone to run for their lives, even rain might caught their heads up. i grab jill’s hand and run as fast as she could take. the street guys were gone and all of us are safe. another trouble crossed in my red list. jill and i were left infront of the house. suddenly, she told me…

” nakatakas nga tayo dun sa mga walangyang un, pero hindi naman tayo nakatakas sa lola mo. twelve-one na. patay lagpas sa curfew natin ”

and that’s all for today’s happening. toodles.

[teka, nasan ung ragna dapat na part? waaa… nevermind.]

~ by protagonist on October 1, 2006.

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