counteragents reacted.

i must be getting busy nowadays that i forgot how i must react with life ahead and behind. i remember the time where i used to update this thing. i must act now before the one that you’re reading right now might be damned. well then, i shall start.

last last last i don’t know day, something came up. super friends seemed to collide on each other and releases their hidden agendas. the fantastic four was definitely mesmerized when thy leader spoke among thee. frangelistically speaking, i wasn’t suppose to know such things; that i must turn my conflicts to something rather than carrying out with them. oh my brat. classmates, classmates that needs the exterior and interior assaults and needs. they just simply lingers in my sexual quotient, especially that paris hilton look-alike. duh…

the stated conclusion: they must finish of their dose of good friendship or else, that break will totter in two.

btw, just becoz i’m not writing here doesn’t mean its the end of the world. to all concerned people ’round there, keep on dreaming. visiting here adds up the step in making the Utopia that i’ve been bounded off.


~ by protagonist on September 30, 2006.

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