ominous omnibus

do you remember the days you spent with those jitters crawling in your fortunes? do you have the time to unwind those creeps who always make a way in a hole-in-one? and do you still speak of the things that banana peeling who drive your spree in nuts? well those are the times where misfortunes happen. i do recall them in the last charmed days behind.

first is when my classmates were doing the cosmetology thing. joshua experienced the whoresome thing: to let the smelly nail polisss drain. and for what reason, all of the people holding the same thing happen to have the same fate. you might consider it a blessed thing. teehee.

another was the thing we put on the car show. the brochure was small yet simple. the car’s a crap with a bit mess on the outside. the presentation’s fine, the tweeks were doomed, and the hoax do came true. we thought our “great” thing on purpose was “great”. nah ah ah. joshua was freakin’ out after the propaganda of the other productive teams ’round the haws. yeah, he was obviously furious enough to disintegrate himself(which was probably he does all the time) he thinks of the worst, the pande, and the monia. boisterous me, i comfort this fishball friend of mine and shift his flawfull mind in nuts. this is misfortune numbeh twoo. now can you consider this one? i think yes.

going home, we decided to buy some packs of cards we usually crave after lunch. we open some of it and oops…(think again for the worst) the cards we usually got turned out a different one. it was more fake than ever. joshua was sarcastic, and i too. we spent a buck and two quarters on this damn pictures filled with tiny pixels of counterfeit act. oh i hate this…thus, i HATE it!! another one right?

i thought joshua was the “jinx” that brought me such intensified events. unfortunately, i was the jinx to be looked for. i lost 150php for such a hole in a pocket, step on a poof, slip on the ladder step #9, clean the room which was not mine, and contact jill with parents on the second line. the worst-worse case-cased scenarios that i wouldn’t imagine to happen in such distressful time.
but one thing gave me the optimism side: BALANCE OF NATURE

this all happen in a day of a high school student like me.

~ by protagonist on September 30, 2006.

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