the days ive past away.

finally… i had the time to update my dreamy sketchy thingy. my guardians noticed my irresponsibilities due to flaw sensitivities. gosh, too much manifestation of artywonkies are nevertheless negative, which conclude a double seven on a card rank. dissapointing it seems but it’s my own. how i wish the brainfart that i had would suck me up again and tada! brilliant jayvee once again. too bad brain’s not that full.

my 24 hours times 9 days without updating would eventually end up to some nonsense, don’t you think? but the days that ive spent is not that nonsense after all. i learned that riding in the wind is more effective than walking, that it hovers my spine deep inside. my tardyness and uncooperativeness evanescent within the comet clouds. my groupmates depends on the inner me, and i would love to share this with them (esp. Joshie and Aira), the people behind two success. i don’t know if i can assure myself of a greater height beyond this point, but will aghast everyone with the felicity of life.

my last will and testament has begun.

~ by protagonist on September 10, 2006.

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