second post for a week and a half of missing my beloved webbie diary. i sumhow notice that capability of someone lies on the single strand that dwells in a macabre fortune. i experienced it once again. and i poured it out on all the projects and swings we have done.

i’m starting from our swing performance

i came in a group where expulsions and dislocations may occur. i felt an eagerness when two to three of my TRULY LOVED colleagues were there. josh, aira, and monay were the persona who could remind me of the things that should be done. i truly thank them. on the way to expressionism, we came altogether, practicing and bonding. we end up creating a minimal 90% performance. although aira had her drought disorder once again, we managed to finished our replica on swing. yey. oh btw, peria delivered a speech coming from his schizoid whatnots. and the conclusion? BIG HITLER’S CRAP. for all we know, meticulous patty and astrid’s ghastly affection, surely peria’s beseech won’t work on them. haha. kawawa. just chill out dude. it’ll eventually cool down, if time permits, or goodness resides. =p

second was our car artywonky.

i was furious on taking all of the task required to finish on making the hybrid car or whatsoever. not neccesary required, i ended up stuck still with groupmates. i now admit that not all things again are meant on one. josh and i keep on the zuzzamen thing and the others, i don’t hella care. they must finish that freaky brochure or we’ll end up advertising our product on an on-the-spot basis. i hope and i pray that even kristine had scatter brain peria and meticulous flor on her side, they would still present something tomorrow. on our side, aj did the first thing and never came again. such antagonist of our car epic! fortunately, aira and joshua again are my groupmates in making the car design and building it also. i was in a point of juncture and yet, they came again. joyous abound. i was granted multiple success over some finale.

now i’m only hoping that for tomorrow’s car show would not be a fiasco for us. is it tomorrow or whatever day? dunno. whateveeer.

to think that the last is the least, it’s not. this section is the reflection bounded between the what has happened in the days i didn’t update and the times that i spent with “them”. my perspective applies here. save the best for the last.

i held responsible for all other things that my other buddies are not doing. i earned something when i’m with josh, the responsibility. on the day we came to aira’s house, i felt a comfortable feeling when i’m in there. i didn’t even know why her mother know my name! well anyway, the night that we’re practicing on our swing, i had a great time there, together with all the groupmates. the rain didn’t stop the fun from pouring unto us. giovs, sym, and i did the back filth? crouch thing in a 50 count manner which gave me the numbs. i never felt it again since i last left COTC training. its been awhile. (xet the ff9 music accompanied while i’m writing this gave me the tears!) we also talked about some guy who maybe plays a flimflam act which does not impress us. whatever he’s up to, i’m sure it’s not in his own good. you’ll only end up killing urself.

yesterday, josh and i put on the last pieces of the hybrid armored car. scantly out of the specs and things in assembling it, we still manage to improve it, even though my hands are full of instant glue residue. after then, we decided to go to aira’s house to furnish and paint it. we should go there for about 6 hours earlier, but the case of finishing it requires. we arrived there seeing her grandmother, staring at the beyond the clouds like a child playing on dripping rain falls. teehee. well anyway, there’s no supply of electricity there, so no fun for aira. we saw her folding her clothes and underwears and sleeping on the couch. explanation time came. we all sat down on the familiar green carpet when suddenly the dim light of the tv monitor blinks. electricity came upon the house of wax. we watched my movie Stuart Little 2 and 13 Turned 30, unaware of the time. we laugh and laugh and….laugh. i just can’t determined what it is, but its a great time having them around.

before we leave the house, we ate some bilo2 full of bilo2. the fact that it requires more than the ingredients, it is still a great dish for a tight evening cover-up. oh before i forget, joshua has never tasted it before. he was too profound of what was the taste like or what will it do to self complain his stomach. eventually, it turned out great, only a “suya” thing. also, aira’s lavatory was full of ants! critic’s acclaim that it was darn sweet, yet full of lovers, whatevers, and leftovers. such a bliss to see them laugh and laugh. googaadoo.

oh here’s the part where classes are discussed. we talked about the guys in the classroom who belongs to class A, B, C, D, and E. these are the rankings to whom their appeal may seemed really in advantage. aira demands that joshua’s in the E class(which i admit is true) coz he definitely don’t get the attention of gals round here and there. we also spot jeff as an E class too(that we all agree, even though there’s something, there’s nothing) another was peria, who was in the class E too. i think that he should come up in rank only if he didn’t plan on CHILLing out. then we head for Tim, Carlo, and Symonne, which obviously be in the A class. they sure intimidate others with some charm or so. for the one writing this down, i’m ranked in A. the reason of mesmerizing a choosy person (the other reasons, they’re too many) and others, i said, are familiar to my admirers. [wink*] ok time for the advice of the expert. i gave joshua some tips on how to inprove his class. i’ll also share these one to you. read on and apply, if you’re having a hard time with lass, girls, and gals.

I. Check Your Appearance. the one your wearing right now maybe inappropriate for yourself. fashion is one.
II. Your Attitude Improved. you may look like a pity one or a push-over since you’ve shown them what you’re really are in the first place. but there’s always room for a change, right?
III. Words are not Profanity. speak with indulgence and pride. noblemens do the same, so we do. seldom talk derives the true equation of sensibility.
IV. Be Yourself. it’s the virtue that lessens poverty and starvation. always keep in mind that yourself is yourself and nothingless.
V. Optimism. why look beyond the clouds? trace the silver linings and prepare to surf the comet clouds! this is not pandemonium to think for the worst!
VI. Technique is No Shame. learn to live with expectancy. trickery may seem dissaproving but it’s not a bad idea. all ideas came from techniques!
VII. Selection of Breeds. it’s the thought that counts. choosing the right one is the most important thing to ponder. who would choose a person in a relationship? a person loving someone? a person who would not love you, but only appreciate you? remember, it’s a matter of choice.

well, that concludes my week adventure. tune in again for another sequel of amalginations.

ayay, thank you.

~ by protagonist on September 10, 2006.

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