gee… i know i’m starting again with another crap about my daily life, but this one’s not. i shone somehow, and somehow… ahh! why must mrs. caslib mutate? when will she stop frustrating me?

our group performed a brainless, scripted, and dumbfounding game show. we used the cramming method to pursue what we must achieve: the grade. gelline, jamie, josh, and i were surprised with the results coming from the judges. it was good enough than the first group, which i thought that could reach more than us. better luck next time to you guys, i guess. i think you needed some artywonkies, not probabilities. so the lesson here is simplicity is still the best, like wordpress.


no house meetin today. good thing i think.

as we went homeward in the asphalt curves and crust’s latter layer we used to take , i was thinking that maybe i should accpet my cousin’s bothering challenge which involves his angasness and comrades from the anime Naruto. we headed to the phooey, toot* (this word is the metaphor used by richmond to compare our classroom with it), and well-ventilated spacio between the kikay store and the electric garage. my apprentices, referees and kuya tony were the people i saw there with the faces. i must have these foggy eyes again to let my fans out of sight. ohh crap. other than that, i raise the intensity there when i defeat them one by one. then i heard kuya tony’s greatest remark.

” dagdagan lang ng path-up para pang Narutimetto champion na ‘tong si Sasuke eh. Ayaw kasing seryosohin. tapos ayaw pang mag-register. “

now i faced again 1 million and one quetions to answer myself. it was somehow enlightening but i think it comes in a twist. i don’t know if i can control the atmosphere within mine. but one thing’s for sure, (amf assurance nanaman) i’ll open my impish wings and trancend to the heavens starting from tis moment.


~ by protagonist on August 30, 2006.

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