pay day? no way!

money seemed to flew by my hand(right i think) as every thing that i could or would do may connect to the usage of money. i hate expenses. on the other hand, which obviously is the left, are doin fine becoz the efforts are starting to manifest as insomniac seems irregular with me nowadays. thanks to the time and the struggle to keep myself busy earlier than the given time. i could sleep early, at least. but not tonight, coz i’m burying my head tonight, tonight.

  • studying hypothesis
  • copying scripts
  • formulating hybrid plans
  • constructing blog ideas
  • guarding my best jharmie while im on her… nevermelt whatharattienots.

other side of the side, i was also getting crazy of this braille thing that i even made my own styles looking like ancient pokemon civilization writings. now that’s what game freak was all about.


dhe, bet teh deh doi nim ust dom yar tyw onk ies ryt awa yco zit may tak eti mea gai n.w ish upa gai n.t ill nxt iss ue. buh bye.

neem controle.


~ by protagonist on August 29, 2006.

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