it was that i’m writing this sooo wrong. this “wrong” might trace moons circling around the star rather than planets itself. such proclamation! though, i think some songs, and some songs are forgetting the heart is. my eyes started glueing on you, hypothalamus emancipating, ventricles constricting, and heart valves pumps in likety-split.

radar, on the other hand, focused on your torpedo. oh i would love to crash it to me and sink my submarine away. and i would love to be dragged to neverland, obviously by you (other than peter pan or any tinker weeny bells) thinking that this was all wishful thinking, i lay myself on a blight, hardened, semi-centered blu pile of boxes with artywonkies foiled. i was staring also in the sky of metal sheets and tidbits of wood and rust.

Mi Luana seemed to care about what i’m doin. i did some act appalled, act appalled, and oh, act appalling nothing. i’m also saving time to waste on just dreamcatching that seagull’s version of insomniac or infatuation or love. catch thy vision: love industry starts with youths. Mi Luana looked in my eyes and swoosh…

try to juxtapose this and her.

mother nature at its best. a beauty that never ceased to amazed. an uncharted territory (10 + 4 fingers crossed) a living eden as i called. “it” seemed to stop my breath. i may release the pressure but i hope your waiting. will you marry me? will i wear the suffer-ring? it maybe the gracious thing for me if “yes” was implemented. i was hoping too that you don’t sing the 3 doors down monotune. oh btw, i don’t know how did it happen, but i’m melting in your eyes. i lost my place, could stay awhile. i’m melting like my first time that i caught fire.

this drowning sorrow is shaking me, more than it ever has before. the road signs reading bitter end. leave me suspect of a crime. the city air chokes me today, more than it ever had before. i’m nervous to feel deserved by these street signs anymore. are you going to be waiting up when i get home? we’ll stay up all night getting drunk and watching sunsets on our porch

falling for you, falling for you
i fell for you.

these empty feelings question me of who i think i’ve become. mind is ticking life away, asking if you are the one… the one who could take me away from my empty apartment.
but i try to believe Mi Luana, but not today, today, today, today. coz tomorrow is a different day. coz tomorrow it may change. god it’s soo hard to trust.

still, i caught fire in your eyes.


~ by protagonist on August 25, 2006.

One Response to “veikzen.”

  1. who’s mi luana??

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