do you really know your purpose as a filipino other than living within it? think deep. this one is really enlightening. i’ll start of.

do you remember the times when lester was still in? and do you remember the times when he brag about his questiomanyies? and do you remember czar and patty quarreling? then ive heared of it again. sucks for me though coz i didn’t witnessed the clash of the titans. josh and i just walked and walked like johnny walker while reporting in and reporting out to sir dodie. good thing aghie told me about the rumble. they were roses bursting with extreme anguishes and virilences just for one reason: the conflict of interest and time and labor and rumors and bitternesses in the club. i hope czar and patty and aira are reconciliated before i come tomorrow to school. i don’t want another cold war. i’m a masochist ryt!? chill out gals…

btw, i was really dismayed riding on this 3-wheeled vehicle going school and until i head back home. i don’t know what the reason is, but i think it’s the spirit that lingers and whispers outstanding oxymorons. my head is filled with gals and girls and equations and conscriptions and friendster ideas for my galmates requesting and anime songs to download and YGO GX and GBWC and myself and God. no compiler installed. ouch.

well anyway, i just spent my time looking for something to find. hehe i (i’m excluding myself from the crowd) also watched the dokyu entitled, “Sa 3rd Avenue Hanggang sa Dulo” which features out different social status and different pints and points of view of the boys. from the Hamog Boys to Black Ace Gang, they all agree that our highest authority is a tyrant, yet a puppy of succulent bush. i don’t know if they make sense or anything, but by looking at their conditions, they seemed to know what they’re doin. i’m not saying to everyone that we should hate and outhrow gloria in an unprecedent manner. i just have the feeling that they were right, and they have the will to fight for their right. it maybe an action for a coup de etat… but i definitely agree that it was one of the infinite number of steps in achieving world peace. i doubt half but it was worth trying than living in rural damps and dumpsites.

ipaglaban ang katotohanan kahit mahirap at mukang kahangalan.

(read the picture’s caption)
ayun ang paraan koh ng pagiging pilipino… at sa hangad ko na din ng kamunduhang kapayapaan. maraming salamat poh.

~ by protagonist on August 17, 2006.

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