adios 967 files

ominous omnibus had come my way today! life’s most dramatic and significant tragedies came towards the start of my sun. and for what it is worth, i hell care!!

test day disagrees with my neck breaking and arm twisting capabilities. the formula of law of sine’s, the macabre law of tangent and the lickety-split law of cosines slips from my diligent mind and since then, i freaked out. such fanciful thought that it made my head shook 10 times greater than the rotation of earth on sun. i totally lost about 15 or 30… such manqué. good thing the other two isn’t that torturing that could make me again, incinerate. i thought everything would be fine after it. i was wrong. it was just only the beginning.

i returned home at exactly 2 fingers pointing in number 12. diminishing my burden, i ate up funsize pieces of fishes. it taste bitter and salty though. after the luxurious lunch i had, my apprentices and i crashed again on tony’s haven. we spent time there shouting, laughing, and… laughing. that was just a grim facade of what to come after this time. i left an expression from the dimwits and decided to go straight home. after arriving from the dim ventilated house, i grabbed my collector’s holder and swiftly head to cuz’s house of cards. the cards’ stole almost half of the added alloted time for it. i call it sufficition, they call it addiction.

i passed away on the cards’ intelligency but kuya emerson broke it. i was hoping for a GREAT and WONDROUS unit of exhilaration. i thought. my world manifestated a big bang. everything i downloaded carefully and effortly was gone like bubbles.

” 967 Files Gone?! omg wtf! darn it… ”

i must download every little thing i lost since i love every little thing in it. this will just be a retribution for staying too much on my pc… i think. but nothing can stop me… even mr. domino.
now, head back to downloading process. guhbye freaks!


~ by protagonist on August 15, 2006.

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