cockroach formula

(insomnia + sofa sleeping) x (swollen forehead + waking up at 3pm) = freak day.

the day started out right, or i mean the afternoon. way back then, i slept at 4:41 am. gunbound and blog hopping and whining are the main attraction of the wee hours. i obviously longed for a game with someone. but since she ALSO needs to sleep becoz she ALSO had a distressful insomniac like me. back to the topic, i ate lunch at 3:20 and did the dishes myself (i don’t wanna be called “don” again) fortunately, no one in the household displeased me. but by the time my head aches again, i touched my forehead and oohhh… a swollen part!! gosh! damn i hate cockroaches. they always give me their trademark everytime i sleep within the sofa, suffering again from insomnia. they gave me 3 trademarks for now.

    in the forehead
    in the finger
    in the palm
    in the wrist

time to head for the ap books and english notebooks. and oohh i’ll stop talking cockroaches now. but when i’ll see one, i’ll definitely… ahh whatever!


~ by protagonist on August 13, 2006.

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  1. O_O what?!?!?

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