world trade uprising… in theaters.

we have remembered the day which made some history changed. it was eleventh of september, a date that everyone would not forget, especially the people involved. ive been thinking about how they survive cope up after what happened. the day after tomorrow came in about, and the memories brought upon the tragedy shall perish in space dust. only the people who died and the people who contributed in helping shall be the foundation of the lost world trade center.

world trade rises... in theaters.

last thursday (the day i was absent), i saw oliver stone’s world trade center movie. the film tells the harrowing story of two port authority police officers who were trapped under the rubble of the twin towers when they were destroyed on september 11, 2001. for those who are still sensitive about 9/11, I would advise not seeing the film until they are more comfortable. in any event, stone shys away from gratitutious shots of falling bodes and flaming debris.

the movie displays no political viewpoint or hidden adjenda, but rather factually ex-plains what john mcLoughlin and will jimeno, the only two officers pulled alive from the wreckage of the world trade center, went through and talked about during their 24 hours burried in the rubble.

quite remarkable right? well anyway, they only did it in theaters for the memories of those.

back to reality and filipino thing.


~ by protagonist on August 12, 2006.

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