jill’s conscriptic mind.

iM jUsT an OrdInArY gIrL whO dEsErvEs nOthInG mOrE thAn jUsT aN oRdinArY cHanCe tO LivE eXacTLy aS i LiKe anD wAnTs tO bE frEe anD dO pRecIsELy wHaT i wAnT.!

i gEt aLonG weLl wItH nEw pEopLe aNd i aM nOt arEaLly shY pErsOn


sOmEtimEs i cAn hUrT fEeLinGs bY mY wOrdS.!

i LikE tO bE LovEd anD nOticEd bY mY LovEr.!

anD iM oLweIz tRyinG mY bEsT aNd LikE tO hELp aNd cArE fOr oThEr pEopLe.!bUt i aM nOt eAsiLy sAtiSfIeD.!

i hAvE nEgAtivE thOuGhTs

aNd LikEs rOmantIcS LikE a fAirYtaLe.!i aLsO hAvE abStrAcT tHoUghTs.!

i aM nOt cOnTentEd iN oNe dEsiciOn.!i dEtErmInEd tO rEacH mY gOals.!

rEbELliOus wHen rEstRicTeD.!

iM aLsO tOo sEnsItIvE aNd eAsiLy hUrT.!gEts aNgrY eAsiLy bUt i dOnT sHoW iT.!oLwEiZ thErE whEn nEeDinG hELp.!rEadY tO bE yOuR piLloW iN tImEs oF prObLemS.!

i iGnOrE pEepZ whOsE sO


i hAtE pLastIcZ.!

i dOnT nEeD thEm.!

i nEeD tRuE fRiEnDs

whOsE aLwAyS thErE fOr mE anD nEvEr LeT mE cRy anD lEt mE cRy On hIs/hEr shOuLdEr.!sOmEtImEs i rEgrEt aLl mY
fAiLuReS.!sTaH yUn.!

~ by protagonist on August 12, 2006.

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