sip it… harder.

i finished the 7 major artywonkies for the week concluded with a big sigh. my insomniac days may be over but it didn’t. irwin discovered this and i found out that it was useful somehow. but i could attain IDA if i continue. hehe. give out the luck for it.

friday class seems to be sooo sleepy and tiring. CAT gave the opportunity for cadencing, marching or whatever chuva eklats. teachers are also entertaining. they give out thrills and goosebumps, especially *toot*. she used her ability to spoke some lenguaje and deliver a sip of yogurt. hehe.

nestle huh??
somewhat like this… 0_o yuck…

now it’s a long weekend full of time for review time. will i do it? oh nevermind… just read notes and stop complaining. that should keep me from the standard of a periodic, periodically period.

God save the King.


~ by protagonist on August 11, 2006.

One Response to “sip it… harder.”

  1. Disgusting……. That teacher is surprisingly disgusting… EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW…. That teacher should quit her job and find a work that is suitable for her horse like SALIVA!!! (if you know what i’m talking about) Maybe she could try of being a street vendor…. TAHO ANYONE??? or should i say TOFU!

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