quick remark.

i left house today for some instances and depend on the instinct i brought. i was dismayed coz i didn’t have the time to go to school today. no matter how hard i brag, it didn’t work out for them. therefore, i was absent.

finally, i put up a little blog on bravehost. it was not the journal i planned for, but it’s added to my computer projects.

you can visit it here and tag on it… comment too. my autumns monologue

i also did some dig on my websites and found some pics that was worth reminding me of my gunbound days with my soulmate christela… lewlz.

what you reap, what you sow. 1 mil is worth 10k php.

gunbound's finest boomerist. silver dragon is the best gunboundista

our computer shop's error in 3d graphics. too much use of my pc.

one of the rarest avatars.the art of loading php.

i found also some time to do the 5 more artywonkies that made me sooo frustrated. better be ready for tomorrow.

well, till here… i’ll just have to release this anger. sayang isang araw ng klase. grrr…


~ by protagonist on August 10, 2006.

One Response to “quick remark.”

  1. aaw.. hey! that’s my pic over there!!

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