giant trunade

at last! an update! for so long ive been busy to some things and some artywonkies. days just come by and im missing this thing out. i let 1000 minutes for this.

my UPCAT is a messed up. 20 items for language proficiency had been lost. now spanking the quote, “Time is Gold” is a great cure for it. the people there seemed to care bout me. food is not a problem, but math is. it concentrates more on algebra, where our not-to-good teacher is present on that point. shukz. addition to the predicament, it comes with a right – wrong policy. and i didn’t got the latter info about it. i could fail. hehe. pass, pass, pass. 🙂

so much for the UP thing. today was the spellbound competition for some buddies of mine. peria too did spill his guts in the morning and did a ceasefire. whoooo. also, we had no classes due to the fact that we would go to lores for a viewing pleasure and cheering memento. the cheering part was deeply humiliating. i hope they didn’t get the wrong idea for having the actions speak for words for the school. we suffer, endure and yodel the time we had on that well ventilated cinema. phooey! and after the tranquilizations and detoxifications, the representatives arrived and spelled. unfortunately, the wisdoms lost… and the 3rd year got the sit for it. wha a grea performa.

oh btw, i will establish 2 new blog sites, if my mind don’t slip… and time will permit me. it comes with an all-filipino and all-latin or all-french language layout. i’ll update you about this matter.

i’ll stop for now. my works had been pilled up by some putain person. time to finish tons of works and assignments…

“Va te faire foutre patricia”

au revoir


~ by protagonist on August 9, 2006.

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