money talks

now it’s decided, i must be determined to collect simple centavo to accommodate my hospital dream and other stuffs. my money wastage program isn’t an abundant thing for the world. my pot of greed isn’t that bad, unless it’s not a reckless greed. shifting from being a thrift one could make sense.

pudding was given me a chance to finance at least, my dream. he offered a 200 + 50 php for simply burning 18 oldies’ song. a 200 additional might be that small to some people but 1 peso is enough for world peace. now that’s a big difference… for me and maybe, for everbody.

tolerating my huge migraine last friday, i didn’t recognized the persona i was with. luckily, jill accompanied me through. oh btw, she’s my cuzin’s friend (don’t think of anything or getting a wrong idea) she grooves over every groan i made. she harassed every piece of nonsense and made bj and me laugh. she proxy over blog hopping and blog updating for me. also, she was welcome and had the permission to stay here over 2 nights. hope she visits us again even if she was too far from us. tnx pal…

on my part to stand up, i talk to some people at YM and updated my beloved blog. a bit dumb for my condition to do computer works but it’s a matter of enduring pains and earning world peace points. so many things to do, so little time. so enough for now.



~ by protagonist on July 30, 2006.

One Response to “money talks”

  1. czar chatted with her… and actually thought she was me! haHA i don’t even know your password, right?

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