nathan’s fantasy

just wanted to share this to you. got a little morbid here and a bit gothical. i was looking at these at 13 time frames per second. got these fantasies from ate chem. tnxie…

Lucifer's Fantasy One

Lucifer's Fantasy Two

Lucifer's Fantasy Three

Lucifer's Fantasy Four

Lucifer's Fantasy Five

oh btw, nathan’s the change of heart apprentice of God(if you know what i mean)

e2 lng!! buhbye!!


~ by protagonist on July 30, 2006.

3 Responses to “nathan’s fantasy”

  1. omg!!

  2. geez… where did you get the pics? are they real???

  3. Cool pics man! Especially the one with the maggot….
    Where’dya get it??? I bet you stole it from Nathan…

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