energy removal

2 couple of days (plus twilights and dawns) ive been sticking my eyes on this game i downloaded last monday. i definitely got hooked after i capture the Visual Boy Advance Emulator for my pc with Yu-Gi-Oh! GX that goes hand in hand. it’s a strategical game with an immense repetition of subsequent duels. probably your thinking that it’s not worth to try, but heck, i’m a great strategist and an anime lover too! i even forgot to eat my dinner after + eat with mind’s out. i’m talking “shut up now and eat your food” … hmp! nevertheless, mind your own business.

due to the rise of this emu, reloading data from the internet has lost its worth. i’m concentrating on achieving the highest rank rather than acquiring self attained knowledge. i must confront again NATHAN on this topic, i think. my i-thought-utopia seems too be far away from what i expected. i thought harvest to raise was that profficient enough. for now, the use of accept and patience was two of the best ideas to continue suffeeeering the things that’s happening right now. main phase to standby, standby to battle, battle to main phase 2, main phase 2 to end phase. whatever that means…

its a deal or no deal.



~ by protagonist on July 26, 2006.

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