suspended becoz of SONA? haha.

another day of silence has come. monday should be the busiest day that ive been taking for. i somehow ready myself to redo some things and extinguish those turmoils. gloria’s decision wasn’t favorable for me. i MUST resolve the problems at school than staying in this place, chillin out and pushing these numerical plus alphabetical symbols. winamp accompanies me too.

i don’t know what’s happening to marghie, rich, symonne or astrid or any other classmates i have. i hate days like this sometimes. now i have to push myself doing card thingies rather than wasting electricity and internet load (aw.. ibalik ang DSL!) i had to collect the necessary cards needed to build my elemental hero deck. i wish time skips 10 seconds everytime today.

50 – 36 + 3 + 4 = 21
need extra effort and money to accomodate my elemental hero collection or deck.

my buddies on rainy days... ^_~

i don’t know if this is making sense anymore. haha. i’ll stop writing random.!


~ by protagonist on July 24, 2006.

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