fiery affection

yesterday was a macabre one. marghie told me that they were going on a jam session. and of course, what to expect, it’ll be some unwanted course of events. she decided to go straight here (at our house) and spend the temper with me. she did some blabbering and simple talking about some personifications that must accompany her going here and hollow persons who doesn’t show love for her. that takes a while for her to let it go. good thing she approaches the right being, and accompanied by my little sister’s Vindicated singing. That makes her smile and thinking that it was worthwhile. unexpected THEY came and struggle to force in. first symonne, then richmond who both came with a short notice. it was a reunion! they do go for a single purpose: to eliminate aghie’s zigzag mind. as usual attitude of aghie, she doesn’t spit a word to them. frustration arises on rich and decided to take off, with jan outside, unknowingly out of the reunion. marghie and i were left again and decided to talk while doin some things (it’s out of ur business *wink) we also try to solve thy problem but it didn’t work out. we failed so she decided to left and pasay was her destination. she’ll make herself drunk there and sweep the night away I thought, but I don’t have the right to stop her, if was that person who suppose to be there.

Heeelll’s out when i think about it! i getting annoyed with was happening to aghie. she lurks herself in deep distortion just becoz of a similar being like me. i find myself tortured too, but I don’t friggin care. cute without the e I can do to that dude. but with aghie’s wasted love for symonne, i can’t. now if this stop in a point where i can’t take it, you’ll feel my wrath gingerbread man.


~ by protagonist on July 23, 2006.

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