i did it

——–> continuation of the protagonist’s journey

as the protagonist wanders through the mist dynasty of thy majesty, he’s thinking that he should reclaim his dignity. he hold a silver coin, crushing it and torturing himself from the pain. he’s numb, he really is. he knew that his majesty seems to not to be frustrated or anything, as told by protagonist’s one-of-the-greatest apprentice. he somehow deserted with feelings of not-to-go-near coz he might her again. protagonist didn’t have the authority to face thy majesty. looking and taking back sunday seems inappropriate. but he thought for one moment and ask himself:

”why stop making my world go around when i can defy thy destiny and gravity?”

he definitely had the timing and the simple knack to force his way into the palace guards. his conscripted mind do the job. he also do well and his comrades on a porno performance. a model platoon! now he has show the world how he can flow without the flaw. then majesty called upon protagonist, hysterina la distortia does accompany but with great raigeki to thunder them all, so as water frame, earth frame, wind frame, nature frame or time frame consumes everything his thy majesty had, protagonist will be there, all the way.

true love will keep them alive.

The End.

~ by protagonist on July 21, 2006.

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  1. aww…

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