emo release.

the two recent post below show some hyperboles. they do show my recent events but with a twist. now here’s the no nosebleed version of it but not that complete.

the campaign’s on! they were all busy and we’re all sleepy + getting boring. we had the voting and canvasing. i was hoping that angel would win. but looks like 1 vote coming from me won’t change the fact that she wouldn’t win. at least daw EIC(Editor-in-Chief) ng The Carriole xa. she doesn’t show some dissapointment or so i thought. the last hour of the day came to an unexcelxior. let me start…

I call up marghie to tell about the things that rich had told me. And there it was, she was carried away by some mississippis and run towards my angel. We let her cool down for a moment. At that moment also, I were sitting with josh and tim when czarina came to us and speak up her bitterness on patty. I never thought that czarina do love his brother that much. Even patty’s unfaithful joke, she really takes it as a big deal… and i appreciate it! She released it and shout to the whole crowd on what she really felt. Here’s a fact, czarina’s the only one to affect me when she cry. Her defense on her side is an excellence too. i had a break down… kumuzta naman un dba? I cried in front of them but i don’t care. Both of us were crying… devastated with our problems. and there she goes, my angel… stayed with us and asked some interregnal questions. I decided to open up to her even though it’s a little bit hard for me. i hate to admit it to her that she’s one of the concerned but i told her coz it might affect me much. At least I show her how I love her, by crying. well anyway, our conflict was over. So there it was! Good thing she lost (joke) because she might spend too much again, which is not good. Unfortunately, czarina and I tend to make her spend too, and first time, she spent money for the sake of me rather than any necessity! We went to Shopwise and angel withdraw some money from her account to spend for us. She treated us with a regular Zagu while she munches up with the Jollibee Palabok with the no egg white. Haha. We talked about some relevant topics and we do get silly. Angel proved to me that I wasn’t an empty seat no more. I trust her now completely. I don’t care if she hugs someone or somebody. I do love her, even though there’s a kid beside me messing my uniform but I think it’s cute! After the chismax and the food thing, we went to Mercury before National Bookstore. Never mind what happened there. Hahaha. While in the bookstore, angel is in dire need to spend money from buying books, which she only picked up then tries to buy it. Good thing czarina and I were there to eliminate that habit. We spent most of the time roaming around, enjoying books we saw, laughing from our own jokes, giggling from hilarious titles like comma sutra and some Philippine love novels. it was like an endless waltz of fun. I wish it could last and last and last. I enjoy every moment of it. it was fun being with them both. I really miss those days with czarina and I really wanna cherish days with angel coz she’s busy all the time. Now that’s what you call double happiness. Sana maulit muli to! With both of them again…. ^_^

Once again, I love you very much my angel and thank you very much czarina! I love both of you!

btw, I need to release also the problem involving marghie. She does deserve someone like Richmond. Unfortunately, that symonne doesn’t care about what aghie feels. He always makes her suffer… I HATE IT! my sister’s always complaining and its hard for me. Richmond seems to suffer too from the problem they both have. Now everything crashes just from one squidward thing: the l.o.v.e. industry. I hate to say this to symonne but he must accept this. I pity you… you make girls suffer from waiting. Don’t you know it’s not a virtue?! You’re so pathetic… I admit that I’m somehow gal magnet, but I’m not foolish to make those things. No matter how handsome or nice you are, it doesn’t mean that you have to make girls wait… only girls do that! Kapal ng muka moh tol! Kakaines na ah! Kaya wag kang paeffect-effect na manhid ka!! How could you! Buti pa si rich eh… sana sinabi moh na lng na ayaw moh kay aghie para tapos na! so much for my happy ending. Sana si rich na nga lng talaga… mahal na mahal pa c aghie. Damn it… now he’s giving up. Hay nakoh…. Ewan koh na. I’m frustrated and a bit too hesitated to make a move. Every action will affect the big situation. How I wish this will end. Good thing marghie could have an ample time to think and equip herself for the big event with symonne on Monday.

God bless us.

~ by protagonist on July 21, 2006.

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