my great vacuity.

the stupid protagonist = me
my majesty = angel
apprentice = friends
jesters = fiends

as this stupid protagonist drift in the enclosure of four, his majesty is dealing with 10,000 strains and stress. don’t get the wrong idea. looking at the two polygons between the crowbars made the protagonist somehow emo. that didn’t work out well. instead, apprentices mushrooms out and entertained him. that catchy tune seemed to linger his ears over and over again… till now. taking on seven years… vindicated i am selfish, i am wrong. anguish seemed nowhere to be found. a series of fortunate events seemed to totter the unpredictable surface of wisdom one. unfortunately, jesters roam around my nest and dragging attention. never mind the necessary rush of blood coming from him. hanging out with some apprentices seemed to be a zealous idea.

as leaves began to fall, majesty seeks and summons thy protagonist. the protagonist refused… withdrawing the simple request. unfortunately, protagonist didn’t hear thy majesty’s call due to his impaired celestia and majesty doesn’t question him why. now rush of blood arose. protagonist seemed to get the WROOOOONG idea and deals with one of the GREAAAATEST vacuity in thy day’s history. now majesty left protagonist with one apprentice. now he’s in search of the great panacea, in order to incinerate the curses and thorns. his quest began, but rain won’t stop pouring from his guidelight. keeping in mind his burden and sarcasm that he let his majesty down again. he’s really sorry. he does’nt mean it. it was all a wrong timing… a hysterina la distortia again, a yin te yang following.

so now, as the protagonist paints his feelings in the sea of information, dripping holes are never meant. he forsees a stream of uncertainty tomorrow but he’s not afraid. face thy majesty and thou art clear his juvenile delinquency. he do hope majesty would see the light in him. poooor protagonist. for now he thinks nothing… nothing but his great vacuity. hating himself for being an emo thing.


To be Continued.
rationalized freaked out celebrativa, mi porni te asul por moh.


~ by protagonist on July 20, 2006.

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